Monday, 2 April 2012

A conversation with a Demon

I'm currently working on Cassandra Farbanks Book number six- Deadly Sin. Chapter Eight which I have been working on involves a conversation with a demon. Oh no, how could our heroine converse with an evil one - simply answer isn't that the world isn't morally black and white. No way. There are all sorts of grey areas in which you can get bogged down in and I embrace this reality of life. Cassandra isn't completely good, helps old ladies across the street, lives by the girl scout code but neither is she rebel without a cause, destined for evil. I like to think as her as a person in the middle, just trying to be. She wants to help others but sometimes she had to skate a moral line to do so - which is why we find her in conversation with a demon during this chapter.

I'm never sure how to write characters that are supposed to be inherently bad. Mainly because I can't believe that any race is inherently bad - I am sure there is variety to even demons. For instance we wouldn't these days cast a man down to hell because he was proud. We'd call him a dick and move on with our lives.

So how about a witty urbane demon who isn't mad on killing? I know it sounds odd considering their preoccupation with collecting human souls but there could be a reason for that couldn't there? Ah but that is something for another book.

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  1. I am all for the "witty urban demon" hey this is a play I would run with and know I would love to read about. Congratulations on the new blog. Look forward to following the journey and sharing some sheeply luv!!