Tuesday, 3 April 2012

No sparkling vampires here

One thing as an author that bugs me is talking to non authors and non avid readers about what I write about. For instance, I mention I'm writing a book that has vampires in it and what reply do I get "So your writing the next twilight." I would like to point out that no I am not writing the next Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I've read the books and have enjoyed them for what they were but I am not and never will be a rabid fan. Despite the fact that its gratuitous author fulfillment and I think the whole team Jacob, team Edward shit is nuts. Although if Taylor Lautner was to walk into the room right now...but I digress.

I prefer my vampire a) not to sparkle like some attacked them with a glittered fueled bedazzler and b) to act like frickin vampires. Vampires do not walk around during the day and if they do they have a mystically forged talisman they had to hunt years to find, not just walked into Walmart and bought like tacky costume jewellery. Vampires drink blood; I'm all for the old tortured routine but in the end aren't vampires just more sexy when they do in fact bite. I think if Edward were to meet a real vampire, Eric or Bill from the Southern Vampire Mysteries, or any of the Anita Blake vamps, heck even Lestat at a push (Tom Cruise version, accept no substitutions) they would kick his pasty emo ass into the next century.

I was thinking about this because a thought occurred to me: why don't I just write the next Twilight? I can create a host of characters that are only skin deep, I can create a Hero that has no real tangible flaws and a heroine who is so bat shit crazy about him that it destroys any chance of realism I could have tentatively created. Why was I thinking this? Because the post the greeted me today when I got in from the day job was a letter from Conville and Walsh, an literary agency, rejecting my first book Soul Market as not worthy of their list. Rejections are always sad for me but I have to try to remember that I am writing something I believe in, some people like it, some people don't and I should not attempt to flood the market with more of the stuff that's already out there.

It took JK till she was forty after all...

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