Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Favourite Word

Accepted is one of my most favourite words in the entire dictionary. Accepted is such a warm encompassing word that makes you feel good. Who hasn't opened a letter from a possible club or employer to read the word accepted and gotten that little jolt of pleasure, that sense of wonder knowing that someone wants you to be their newest member, to come work for their company or in my case, to publish another book.

Eternal Press have happily informed me this morning that they are going to publish my Young Adult novel More than Mortal. I have to say its a wonderful feeling but why stop there. This month is going to be a finishing month for me. I am going to take several of the projects I have been working on and blow them out of the water so to speak. I am going to complete them so that I can focus on my ever larger project the Cassandra Farbanks Series, the next instalment of which I am sort of halted in the middle of while other ideas have been batting at my brain.

I tend to keep one or two side projects on the go as well as the main one so that I have relief. I can bounce to these projects when my brain is tapped on my series. It gives me something different to think on. On my list of projects to finish off are a werewolf romance I've been working on called Mistakenly Mated and another romance called Eastern Promises that's needed me to buckle down and finish writing it for forever. I have another Young Adult novel on the side that will stay in my bounce pile, along with several other ideas for quickie romances. Those I tend to bounce to when frustration sets in...but I digress.

On the whole I am hoping that May is going to be a very productive month for me and I have no doubt that by the end of it, the submissions editor is going to get sick of hearing from me. :)

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