Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Meet A Writer Wednesday Presents:

Rebecca Minto

1.  Tell me about your book A Kiss To Remember and where you got your inspiration for it? 
When my son was an infant, I was in an unenviable position. I was in hiding, just going from one feeding to the next on pure exhaustion the way many new mothers are. One night I had this vivid dream about this lovely young lady waking up on her birthday. She didn’t speak in the dream, but I knew she was full of happiness and excitement. I followed her through dressing for a morning ride among the vibrant green hills, down the stairs of this beautiful manor house. I felt her growing unease and hurt as her father wasn’t there, and watched as she strode into a room. I didn’t follow her, but I woke up with her screams echoing in my head. The idea didn’t let me go, and the characters began to come to life. The premise of my story was born.

2.    When did you first become interested in writing?

I first started writing when I was a very young child, around six years old. My parents divorced around that time and we moved from Kentucky to Tennessee. I didn’t fully understand what was happening, but I was a bit frightened and nervous quite a bit. I had this older cousin, Sherry, who was a school teacher and she was always so kind to me. I adored her, so I first wrote little fairy tales so she would be proud of me. Later, it became a passion of mine. I’ve always had stories running around in my head begging to be told.

3.    Was there ever a time when you nearly gave up on becoming an author?

Yes, many times. During my ill-fated marriage my husband often forbade me to write. I despaired of being published during that time, and later, struggling to be a single parent I began to fear it was a foolish dream. My two best friends pushed and pushed me to submit to Eternal Press, and apparently they liked my story.

4.    Is there anything that annoys you connected to writing or being a writer?

A lot of people seem to think writing is an easy job. It really isn’t, especially when you are fighting your characters for control of the story. It annoys me how many people seem to think there is nothing to it. I work each day twice as hard as I did at my high-stress corporate job.

5.    Have you ever based a character on a friend or family member?

Actually, the book I am working on now is largely based on a friend I had back in college. He made an appearance in A Kiss To Remember. If you’ve read it, you will remember Elliot Morton. His physical appearance and Annalise’s reaction to him is very much based off my reaction to a certain guy I saw from the window on my first day at Hiwassee College. I decided to hate him at first sight.  Oddly enough, he became one of my closest friends later on.

6.    Who is your favourite character/s you’ve created?
My favorite characters are always the ones I am writing at the time. While I was writing A Kiss To Remember, Daphne and James were my favorite characters. Right now I’m writing a follow-up story, so Annalise and Elliot are my favorites.

7.    As an author, who and what do you recommend reading?

Some of my favorite romance authors include Julie Garwood, Julia Quinn and Mary Balogh. For those who enjoy a bit of paranormal and really great fight scenes I might add Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

8.    What would you read to your children now or if you had children?

I do have a son and we read tons. He really enjoys books about his favorite superheroes, but now that we’re eight we’re going to start working through the Harry Potter books.

9.    What’s your next project? What do you look forward to in the future?

Right now I am finishing up A Touch To Remember which is a follow-up story for A Kiss To Remember. After that I have several books currently sitting half-written waiting for my attention, which includes a few Regency and Medieval stories. One poor couple have been waiting to consummate their wedding night for about four years now. I’m afraid what they may do to me if I don’t let it happen soon.

10. If there was a fictional zombie apocalypse, which fictional character would you choose to be your wing man?

I can choose any fictional character? I would probably choose Gregori from Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathian series. That man is freaky. From my own characters I might choose Chrysanthe.  Like I said, that girl is just diabolical.

11. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?

Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I have always been deeply infatuated with Prince Adam.

12. Where would you like to go if you had a time machine?

That is a hard one. There are many places I would love to go. I would love to go to Romania in the reign of Vlad Tepes, visit Prince Arthur during his rule in Brittany, see the Scottish Highlands in the 1100s, see Italy during the Renaissance.

13. What two fictional characters would you put into a boxing ring and who would win?

Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books and Dominic the Dragonseeker from Christine Feehan’s stories. Acheron would win, of course. Not even a Carpathian can defeat a god.

14. If you were having a dinner party and could invite four guests, dead or alive, real or fictional, who would you have?

I would invite Viggo Mortensen because I think he’s the coolest guy on the planet, Arthur, Duke of Brittany because his short life always made me sad, Vlad Tepes because he would certainly liven things up, and Napoleon Bonaparte because I’d love to see him get his butt kicked by Vlad.

15. If you could have one piece of technology from a sci-fi film or book what would it be?

I would love to have an auto-chef from the JD Robb In Death series. Or a talking computer, or a flying car, or… well, just about any gadget from that series!

16. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars, all the way. Yoda rules!


 He would do anything for her...

When Daphne Davernay awakened on her birthday to find her father brutally murdered, she lost everything that had ever mattered to her. Cast adrift, she found herself at the mercy of her guardian, the Duke of Cheney. He was a hard, intimidating man…and the only man that had ever inspired her to dream.

James didn’t know what to make of his ward. She was both maddening and adorable. Society ruled that there could never be anything between the two of them, but his heart longed to keep Daphne all for himself. Even as he fights his own desires, it soon becomes clear that someone else wants Daphne…dead.


  1. Thank you Rebecca for a wonderful interview!

  2. Great interview! I am also a Vlad Tepes fan! Congrats on the success of A Kiss to Remember. Dina Rae