Monday, 28 May 2012

More Than Mortal Cover Art

Here it is, what I've been waiting for. The cover for my young adult fantasy novel More Than Mortal. More Than Mortal will be out on the 1st of November. To wet your appetite here is the blurb and a short extract.

More Than Mortal

When a kind and handsome stranger offers to save your dying brother's life, what is there that you wouldn't do?

Arielle Grey makes a deal with Mordecai and is thrown into a world of magic, strange creatures, new friends and bitter rivals. All the while Nate, her brother searches to find his stolen sister and rescue her from her fate.

With her brother unbeknownst coming to rescue her and her feelings for Mordecai changing day by day, the question becomes not will she be rescued but does she want to be?

Arielle turned around and there was both Mordecai and Arjun, leant against the building in the shade, watching them. Mordecai reached out his hand, Arielle took it and she was pulled into a space between the two of them.
“Just watch.”
Arielle’s eyes focused on the gummies, their bodies quivering like they really were made of jelly. She felt Arjun’s finger wrap between hers taking her other hand, she looked up at him but he was looking straight ahead at them. Arielle turned back to face them and her hand broke from Mordecai’s to stop herself from gasping. Smaller gummies, about half the size of the originals, shot from every other gummy in the circle, small eyes blinked and opened taking their first look at the world.
“Oh there so cute.”
Arielle pulled forward to go over to them, see them better, Mordecai caught a glimpse of her hand pulling out of Arjun’s, and he quietly oozed suspicion.
“Arielle!” cried all the gummies at once, even the little ones. She got down on her knees patting them lightly on what she had only been able to assume was their heads as the bounced happily to see her. She held one of the littler ones in her hand and it rubbed up against her thumb gleefully.

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