Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Hydra Made of Spam

So what is this post going to be about you ask yourself from the title. Well its about Spam. Not the luncheon meat that comes in a can, the unwanted message or emails I know that we all receive.

On my website I have a guest book. I don't have a lot of restrictions on it (i.e having to long in to post a message) but all I seem to get these days is Spam messages. Theses messages are like the mythical hydra in many ways, they are unwanted monster and for everyone I delete or block three more appear. I can't actually remember the last time I got a genuine message in my guest book.

I've tried everything that the management systems suggest for trying to block these messages and when you get over thirty a day banning each and every IP is just tiring. If I don't check the messages at least once a week I end up with ten pages of the buggars to delete. I've tried putting up a warning, telling potential spammers that no one sees them but me as I do reserve the right to vet entries before they go public but most of them I think are autobots (not the transformers, cause that would at least be cool).

What I need is a virtual Hercules to come slay the damn Spam Hydra. Save this maiden (I use the term loosely) from her awful fate.

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