Sunday, 3 June 2012

Returning to Cassandra

Now that Mistakenly Mated has been finished and accepted by Eternal Press I think that its time to return to Cassandra and her adventures for a little while. I curled up on the end of my bed with my iPod in and got to work on the next chapter of book six. I am one chapter away from writing a party scene that I have been dying to do because it will hopefully inject a little humour into what has started out being a bit of a dark story for my heroine.

I also finished updating my website, I'd been meaning to for a couple of weeks, get the new covers up, some teasers and sorting out the shop which was a mess beyond all reason. However I think that Soul Market, the first book in the Cassandra series is going out of print. So if you want a copy you had better hurry.

I like to think that you can read the Cassandra books each on their own but I always find with any series, I like to start at the beginning, watch the characters grow and change. I like to see in the reviews I've been getting that some are finding Cassandra maturing which is what I wanted from her. I never really hear from fans, if I have any. I would like to. I'm very nice and I don't bite, honest. I have a couple of friends who read my books though and they keep me from falling into a well wailing "no body likes my books".

Anyway in Cassandra's world its Halloween. Time for costumes and therefore costume parties which is the scene I am dying to get to.What is Cassandra going to dress up as? Ah now that would spoil it if I went around telling people that. Lets just say its going to be a lot of fun. I just need to write one more murder scene first, from grizzly death to balloons and streamers. Yeah, its a funny ole world isn't it.

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