Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Night Review:

Savage Cinderella

By P J Sharon

Eighteen year-old Brinn Hathaway has survived alone in an abandoned cabin in the High Country of North Georgia since she was a child. If her life is lonely and less than complete, at least she is safe from the man who kidnapped her, held her captive, and left her for dead in a shallow grave in the mountains. She believes that her parents are dead, the police are her enemy, and that if she returns to the world, her tormentor will find her. With the help of some unlikely friends, she has what she needs to survive, but is surviving enough?

Life takes a turn when a young nature photographer, Justin Spencer—in pursuit of the fabled Wild Child—captures her on film. While chasing the story of a lifetime, Justin is injured and Brinn comes to his rescue. The two build a tentative friendship, but with his own violent past, an abusive alcoholic father, and a mother he couldn’t protect, he must decide if proving himself is worth betraying the trust of the girl he has vowed to help.

Trust is a commodity that Brinn has been unable to afford. Can the kindness and gentle touch of a stranger break through the wall she has built around her heart? After half a lifetime of living in isolation and fear, Brinn must decide if leaving the safety of her remote cabin is worth the hope—and danger—that may await her.

Sonnet Says:

This is a brilliant book that I absolutely loved. It was a very touching story about struggling to over come fear and horror from you passed in order to create a future and a chance at love. Brinn is a wonderful character and I felt for her, for what she had been through and the life she had lived alone in the North Georgia mountains.

I loved how one chance meeting helped Brinn to find the courage to break her fear about being found. She returns to the civilized world to find her parents (a touching reunion that really moved me) and it leads her to having to find her once abductor before he can find her and finish her off before she can reveal his identity.

The book ends in a life or death chase through the mountains. You feel the fear and the desperation of the characters. I have to say that I cheered out loud when the villain got his. It might be a tad of a touchy subject for some as it deal with child abuse but there are no explicit scenes and its all done in a very tasteful and vague way so as to not mire the story the author was trying to tell.

I give Savage Cinderella : ****/5

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