Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Night Review:


V J Chambers


After seven years searching the galaxy, Keirth Transman has caught up to the Duke of Risciter, the man who raped and murdered his mother. Nothing's stopping his revenge, so when the duke's fiancé, Miss Ariana Gilit, allows the duke to escape, he's got no choice but take her ship and blast off in hot pursuit—even if she's still on board.

Wanting rid of the prissy noblewoman, Keirth plans to dump her at the first port he can. Then he can focus his attention on what’s important. Killing the duke. But things get complicated when Keith realizes that the duke has focused his malevolent interest on Ariana. She is in mortal danger.

Keirth’s no angel, but he's not a man who'll let an innocent woman be terrorized. He'll do whatever he can to keep Ariana safe from the duke. No matter how annoying she is.

Sonnet Says:

 I didn't want to put this book down, the action and the romance are so nicely balanced that they make one hell of a story. The villain of the piece is one of those beautiful people that aren't really that beautiful when you look at them closely. He hides behind his social status in a system of planets where you either live in the plush core worlds or on the fringe, on colony planets were life is grim.

The is an underlying social commentary to this book that I found intriguing and there was almost something very much like Firefly about it. A series which I really enjoyed. I was almost sorry that there is only this one book telling their story.

A tiny warning there is some gruesome contents. Risciter is a very twisted man at the core and some of the scenes might be upsetting for those with delicate sensibilities.

I give Release *****/5

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