Sunday, 22 July 2012

The trial of making a book trailer

My adventure began when I was trolling through Youtube and I came across a video entitled how to make a book trailer in power point. I thought this is excellent - as I'm not a very well know author with only a small fan base if I have one at all, I don't have a lot of spare cash. So the idea that I could possibly make my own video for free was wonderful. So I started on my project only to hit several speedbumps...

Speed bump 1: Images. Although there are a mountain of image floating around the world wide web that look free, technically I'd be ripping someone off so I had to find a way to get the images that I wanted. In the end I joined dreamstime and paid for a few image and used stock from deviant art. The deviant art stock art people are so generous, they will let you use their stock on only a couple of conditions, you credit them and you give them a link to what you did. Which is on my list of things to do today.

Speed bump 2: After making the slide show, I went back to the video on Youtube but it didn't tell me how I made it into a video. So as any one would I used the Microsoft help function. You could save it as a .wmv file but only if you have word 2010. So I contacted my brother who had it, and sent it to him sure that it would be a simply matter of re-saving and him emailing it back to me.

Speed bump 3: My brothers version of office 2010 turned out to be the student version which didn't include the option to save as a .wmv file. Do they think students don't need this? I don't know but it left me with a problem. I asked many for help and my brother suggested that I could save each of my slides as jpegs and remake it in windows movie maker.

So this is what I did. I lost all the cool words fading in, but I got some good between slides transitions and working out how to add the music back in wasn't too hard, although it took me a good few minutes to work out how to make the music and the images end at the same time.

Below is the results, I would love to know what people think.

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