Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Why I hate Editing

The long and short of it is that I find the process very demoralising. I'm usually really proud of a book once I've struggled through the writing process. I saw a quote today that said writing a novel is like trying to squeeze an octopus into a mayonnaise jar. I laughed but its quite accurate. Its not an easy thing.

Then comes along this other person that starts hacking it to pieces. Most of them don't intend to do it maliciously but also I think that most of them don't realise the deprecating affect they have on the writer. Now I know my books are never perfect, in fact I have a major problem with comma's knowing when to put them in and when not to. Comma's are evil.

I get sick of editing. All the corrections. Its all to personal taste and with a series, having to explain things again and again. I've been keeping records of things like characters and such which my newest editor thinks will be a help in future. I think what would be a help in future would be to assign one editor to a series for its entire run. But a small company like EP can't do that, they have to assign whose free.

I think, I hope that I am done with it for now. I am so tired that I can't stand any more. Working eight hours in front of a computer for the day job, then to come home and do four to five more at my personal computer. My eyes are going to go square. lol.


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