Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hello everybody. My name is Salem. I'm Sonnet's cat. Some might call me a familiar but those people I eat ~licks lips~

I thought I would hop onto my mistresses blog and introduce myself. I'm a happy affectionate boy who loves to lounge around, be tickled behind the ears and I will head butt you for attention if and when I desire it. No exceptions!

I will be popping up every now and again when I am not getting my belly scratched. I love books, either for reading or chewing on and have decided that I will be taking over the Saturday/Sunday review from here on out. Give my mistress a breather. Its so tough being a human sometimes. She should be more like me, nap all day and only get up when I hear the shaking sound of my kibble.

Here's how the reviews are going to work. I will pick a book that my mistress will dutifully read to me and I will mark it out of five.

One Black Cat - It just wasn't for me
Two Black Cats - It was Ok
Three Black Cats - It was enjoyable
Four Black Cats - I really liked it
Five Black Cats - I couldn't put it down and highly recommend it

As for requests - Mistress informs me that she hasn't had a request to review a book before but I am open to them. You will always get a fair and honest review from me-ow. If it two cats or lower I will give you the option as to whether it goes live or not. Email me - with Salem's Reviews in the Subject line.

Bye for now

Salem (the cat)


  1. Salem,meet Emma.

    Emma co-starred in my first published novel. She was the apartment house cat that my MC cared for. While my MC was held captive one of the other characters dropped by to care for her.

    Emma, in real life, came to us in 1995, as a little grey kitten. She is still here, her hobbies include using laundry piles as cat boxes and puking up the occasional mouse.

    She doesn't read or review but she does have a loud voice and calls out to us at all hours.

    Emma is a great cat, even with her strange comments on my housekeeping skills and she says, pleased to meet you...


    1. Meow. Hello Emma ~purrs~

  2. WidderCat here. Pleased to meet'cha, Salem.

    I've lived a long and venturesome life, and now I'm retired. I sleep wherever I want to. My staff make comfy nests for my old bones, but I usually get bored with one spot and move on to the next. They try hard though. I've kept up with my yodeling. My main practice time is 5am.

    I'll look forward to reading your reviews with a great deal of interest as I regularly edit the Widdercat's staff's writing by chewing on the corners of their hardcopies.

    One last thing. My old eyes aren't what they used to be, and I find reading black text on a dark brown background a little difficult. Might you mention this to your staff?

    Yours sincerely,


    1. Meow! I spilt some cream all over the blog. So its much lighter now. Hope that helps

  3. Hi Salem,
    I LOVE cats, too, and often put them in my novels and short stories. You'd love Amadeus from my book, WITCHES. You two are a lot alike, except he's gray. Meow to you, too. Kathryn Meyer Griffith

    1. Meow! Looks like me on the front of Witches. I can't wait to have my mistress read it to me.