Saturday, 22 September 2012

Salems Saturday Review

The Body Finder Series


 Kimberly Derting

Meow! Salem here. Time for my first review. My mistress has read this entire series to me up to date and I find it purr-fectly interesting. Violet Ambrose is a teenager whose always had a special ability - the ability to find the dead. She keeps it secret from everyone save for her parents, her uncle and his wife and her best friend, later boyfriend Jay. Violet senses what she calls Echoes, each one different for each life cut short but also a matching imprint lays on those that killed them allowing her to match a murderer to his crimes. Her ability gets her into trouble first from a serial killer, then when she discovers a long buried secret and in the latest instalment when "the girlfriend collector" selects her as his next victim. The books are fast paced, they deal not only with her strange "gift" but also with a her teenage life from homework to dating. There is also the added curiosity of a government agency that want Violet to work for them and at the end of The Last Echo there is a twist I didn't quite see coming. However that said, I don't find myself panting for mistress to get the next book, I find that I can wait for it and its going to be quite a wait as the next book isn't due out till April 2013.

Cat note: Violet is not the real star of this story. Our star is much shyer than his human support cast. Karl the cat, who is always shooed from the house by the over sensitive Violet, because he is such a proud hunter. We cats are.

The Body Finder Series gets:

I'm off to lie in the sun and dream about mice. Meow!

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