Saturday, 29 September 2012

Salems Saturday Review

A Game of Smoke and Mirrors

When Jia Mason’s estranged husband turns up missing from their Florida vacation home, Jia is the prime suspect in his murder. Afraid she’s being railroaded by the police, she flees to New Hampshire in search of answers only to be arrested there.
Zack Sizemore is tasked with extraditing the beautiful fugitive back to Florida until a blizzard strands them with nothing but their mutual attraction to keep them warm.
When they stumble upon a deserted cabin, Jia sees her opportunity to charm Zack long enough for her to escape. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the handsome lawman. Or the danger that awaits them in the remote cabin.

Meow! Salem here. Mistress read me a nice romance this week, while I cuddles up against her side. Wynter Daniels is a new name to me. Her style is certainly enticing. This book has lots of romance and lots of sex which I purr-sonly can't complain about. Its certainly a hot little read considering all the snow in the story. But unfortunately mistress and I have a few problems with the story. The cops in it are A typical of bad lazy cops. They don't seem to want to believe anyone but the wife could do it and they miss keen details. Jia is portrayed as being a smart woman but yet she runs away. Also they send in Zack in to retrieve her without letting him see her file, so later when she reveals a prior conviction, his reaction is totally off balance. Their relationship, as with a lot of romances was instantaneous and intense, which is all right as that's what we picked it up for. Then you have Kelly's story, which was not executed very well. The author went way over the top when it would have been enough to make her the woman scorned. Also you never find out what happens to her later, its as if the author threw her in and then forgot about her. Okay, Jia and Zack get there happy ever after (after a climax that was a tad predictable) but I don't like loose ends. Unless its on a ball of yarn, then I love it. Meow!

Game of Smoke and Mirrors gets:


Speaking of yarn.... Catch you next time

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