Saturday, 6 October 2012

Salems Saturday Review

Hope on a Paige (Tales from the Dead Letter office)

Jeff Dvorak

This is the first short story in a planned collection of 8-12 short stories centering around the Dead Letter Office.

Paige Andrews has led a life that got off track a long time ago, to the point that she doesn't know how she got there and is unsure how to get out. In the meantime, once a week, she allows herself a fantasy and writes a letter to her fake husband who is away on business.

She mails them to a fake address and doesn't give them another thought, until she receives a response.

Meow! Salem again. This short story was absolutely enchanting. It's only 6500 words, each one of which I devoured. The story was quick paced with plenty of details about the characters to make them feel real and alive. Its a beautiful little tale about finding friendship and perhaps something more through correspondence. Proving that a little fantasy can go a long way to creating a lasting relationship. I liked the way he ended the story - it was purrfectly intriguing.

Hope on a Paige gets:

Am off to defend my territory. Catch you next time. Meow

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