Sunday, 28 October 2012

Salem's Sunday Review

Dark Shadows

Meow! Salem back again for another review of another movie. This week its Dark Shadows. Tim Burton's attempt at a vampire movie. Now don't get me wrong I usually adore Tim Burton. I'd rub against his legs and purr up a storm if I met him but although I enjoyed the film, its re-watch value is limited. The story is very a typical with Burton's wry humour thrown in. Of course, where ever Tim Burton goes, Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham-Carter follows. Both are great character actors and play their parts to purr-fection as always. Its a dynamite trio that usually works out well. Michelle Pfeiffer is well Michelle Pfeiffer.

Dark Shadows is classed as a comedy film. It is a bit like the Adams family, as it is very gothic and vampire influenced. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. It is entertaining and worth seeing if you like to have a good laugh, but I would not say it is totally light hearted.It starts with the young Barnabas Collins (Depp) back in 1752 leaving Liverpool with his parents to start a newer more prosperous life in America. Later it proves that a dalliance with a serving girl (who also happens to be a witch) can be deadly when you spurn her. He looses his parents. His true love and then is cursed to be a vampire and buried in a chain wrapped coffin out in the woods. For 200 years. When he returns its the 70's and the his decendants, the Collins are suffering through hard times. He pledges to restore their glory only to discover the self same witch that cursed him is still hanging around throwing a spanner into the works and still trying to capture his heart for herself.

Watch it, You won't regret it after, you might even leave the experience with a smile on your face, then tuck the DVD away in your stash where you probably won't think about it again for a decade or two. Meow!

Dark Shadows gets:


I'm off to prowl the night for my own victim. ~Purr~

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