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Meet A Writer Wednesday Presents...

... Aaron Dennis

1. Tell me about your book, Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World and where you got your inspiration for it?

Beyond the End of the World is the first installment of a new Science Fiction series dealing with the Lokians, a race of insect-like aliens. A special operations team led by Captain O’Hara of Earth Navy joins forces with a race of aliens called Thewls in order to quell the Lokian threat. For the most part Lokians are a radical race of aliens who travel from system to system seeking out alien technology, which they splice into their own bodies. After improving their own abilities they normally destroy the race they stole the tech from. In the case of the Thewls, they were saved by another race of aliens simply referred to as travellers. Now the Thewls, with Humans in tow, are searching for the travellers in order to battle the Lokians once more.
Believe it or not the inspiration came from a series of dreams I had. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I extrapolated pieces of each dream and threw them all together along with a few conspiracy theories I’ve looked into. Naturally the story and characters develop on their own outside of the whole dreamscape I… slept through.

2.What was the first thing you wrote?

The first thing I ever wrote outside of college would be Eudora, a short story revolving around a young girl who was raised by her grandparents. Her former life holds a terrible secret, one revealed only after she marries a man just like her dad. It can be found for free at

3. What advice would you give to someone still trying to become an author?

Don’t care about what anyone else thinks. This does not imply a budding author should be impetuous or unruly, by all means if an editor/publisher makes suggestions do the best to follow them. Regardless, the important thing is to stay true to one’s goal. Truthfully there are many tips out there floating around the internet. I host a blog, wherein I provide some of those tips. Books shedding some light on writing, promoting, editing, etc., are also available. If technical writing is the problem, a writing class or critique group might help, if the synopsis is the problem and a publisher won’t take the work seriously, blog tips are very useful, if creativity is the problem, quit.

4. Have you ever based a character on a friend or family member?

Yes, albeit loosely. Ensign Martinez in Beyond the End of the World is similarly based off an old friend. His repetitive use of the phrase ya heard? was fun to toss into the character’s speech. From that lone similarity the character, Martinez, developed his own identity. There are more examples in later installments of the series, but you’ll have to wait for that… not too long though.

5. Pick one of your characters and tell me what they would do in the real world? 

There’s agent Adams from The Bureau, a private organization dealing in anything extraterrestrial. I’m sure he’d enjoy patrolling the streets of New York hunting down evil aliens impersonating Humans. Adams could also be found interrogating captured aliens for key Intel. Yes, I’m certain an organization of people dealing with alien matters exists. I can’t say for certain if they’re privately funded or not but I know they’re out there.

6.What do you enjoy doing outside of writing?

Oh good question. I enjoy swimming. I used to enjoy other physical activities but suffer from a few spinal injuries (not a sob story) so mostly I swim to keep in shape. I’d like to do some river swimming but most of the water in my area is pretty filthy. Luckily, I have access to a pool so I just swim a ton of laps back and forth.

7. As an author, who and what do you recommend reading?

I recommend reading the material of all the Eternalpress/Damnationbooks authors. Truthfully, I don’t care for reading. Most fiction available today is rather pedantic. This fact, in part, spurred my own writing. I do like non-fiction of any genre. I just finished reading an Intro to Astrophysics textbook. By the way, I implement hours of research to back my sci-fi with sci-fact.

8. What was your favourite book as a child?

Flowers for Algernon.

9. What’s your next project? What do you look forward to in the future?

The next project is Lokians: Book3 For War and Glory, Book2 They Lurk Among Us has already been accepted by Eternal Press. I’m looking forward to sharing more about the characters from the Lokians series. For instance, Book2 They Lurk Among Us touches on a few new races of aliens as well as the premise of aliens in Earth government.

10. If one day you are world famous what would you entitle your auto-biography? And would you tell the whole truth?

I’d probably call it How I Escaped and while I would tell the whole truth I’d also throw in enough fiction to force my audience into wondering which parts are real and which aren’t.

11. If there was a fictional zombie apocalypse, which fictional character would you choose to be your wing man?

Batman, he can whip anyone’s tail.

12.What was the last book you read?

Halo of the Damned by Dina Rae. While it was way out of my genre I found it very enjoyable. For the most part, I think it’s obvious it was written from a female perspective. This is in no way a derogatory comment, women simply provide different details than men and their conversations are generally different as well. Regardless, I liked learning about the Yezidi religion, not to say that version was a totally accurate depiction. Naturally writers of fiction take a grain of truth then turn it into a novel.
I thought her use of running a marketing industry to procure souls was delicious. Aside from that, most people love a good versus evil battle in novels. I hear she’s working on a sequel. I hope evil wins this time around.

13. If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?

“Just take me to your planet so I can utilize your cybernetic enhancements. After that, I’m your splinter cell.” Aaron said with a crooked smile.

14. Where would you like to go if you had a time machine?

Don’t you mean when would I like to go?

15. What two fictional characters would you put into a boxing ring and who would win?

Bugs bunny and Jason Bourne. Finally that Bourne will get what’s coming to him…

16. If I came to your home and looked inside your refrigerator what would I find?

Yogurt, altogether too much yogurt. Or no yogurt if I ate it all.

17. You find a genies lamp and are granted three wishes. What would you wish for? *note you cannot wish for more wishes, it’s cheating. ;)

O.K. I hope the entire audience is ready for this. Wish1, I wish to have absolute control over all my faculties as a human being including, but not limited too, the entirety of my brain, my biorhythm, the electromagnetic field contained in the electron fields of my own atoms, my adrenal gland, my pituitary gland, my human growth hormone, my white cells, and my pineal gland. Wish2, I wish to, now that I have absolute control over all my faculties as a human being, to be taught the secrets of utilizing said faculties without negative consequences as viewed by my perception during the learning process. Wish3, I wish to know all aspects as can be known by human beings including, but not limited to, all knowledge of the past, present and future, for the sole purpose of knowing absolutely everything knowable in the human domain. Yeah… and yeah.

18. Star Trek or Star Wars?

My sole goal here is to retire them both. It’s 2012… it’s time for a new sci-fi series. Isaac Asimov, Rodenberry, Lucas, Spielberg, all great, all classics. It’s my turn. Lokians… they are coming.

Thank you so much for having me, I’ve been great. Find me @authaarondennis on twitter. Visit my youtube page (just look for Aaron Dennis or Lokians). I also have some fiction at It’s based on the Elderscrolls, real fantasy adventure type stuff. Seriously though, I do appreciate this wonderful opportunity.


A menacing threat appears from the far reaches of space. Humans, only recently able to colonize outside the Sol system, discover ancient alien beacons on planet Eon. Earth Navy and her special operations team led by Captain Riley O’Hara form an alliance with the Thewls, a benevolent people from the Spider nebula. Together they go in search for the elusive travelers.
As the impending threat approaches two strange Humans join the Thewls and Captain O’Hara’s team. Agent Adams and Agent Franklin claim they are from The Bureau, a privatized organization that deals with any subject extraterrestrial. Together they heed the words of the Thewlian Ambassador, Weh. He tells them of Lokians, a radical race of insects hybridized with the technologies of the peoples they previously eradicated.
Many centuries ago the Lokians came and attacked the benevolent Thewls. After one defeat at the Thewlian hands, they came again. They were stronger, faster, deadlier. Thewls and Lokians fought for weeks. Suddenly dancing lights appeared in the sky. The travelers had come to turn the tides. Seeking help once more and convinced the Lokian threat will target Humans, Ambassador Weh advises Captain O’Hara to help find the travelers.
After a harsh battle in space and the frozen outskirts of planet Sahagun, Captain O’Hara and crew find only one traveler. He helps the allied forces secure an ancient traveler vessel. With the new ship the Human crew can travel into subspace and battle the evil Lokian queen. Will weapons be enough? Can the Captain, his men, and the two Agents defeat a force as powerful as the Lokians? Find out in Lokians: Book One Beyond the End of the World, the first installment of the new science fiction series.


“Break away!” The Admiral’s voice came in the pilots’ earpieces again.
“What now?!” Sara yelled.
“Stay calm and listen to him.” The younger voice said.
“O.K.” Sara said quietly as she and the Thewl fighters scrambled to brake off.
The enemy fighters followed the transporters. They massed about the Thewl Carrier creating a full dome around the massive ship. In response the Admiral gave orders to fire the arc laser. The Thewl fighters eased away to avoid friendly fire. The white beam spiraled cutting through the Lokians like a hot laser knife through bug butter. Determined and single minded, the Lokians held firm. They kept firing at the Carrier. The field generators started overloading under the pressure of attack. While the field itself did not take damage the generating components were frying from angry red beams. A few patches were shutting off and the vessel started taking surface damage.
The bridge was alive with buzzing sounds and flashing lights.
“Admiral! We’re taking damage.” A Thewl screamed.
Admiral Yew took the broad speaker, “All hands ordered to the center-most decks aboard the ship. We’re taking some fire but we’re giving back double!”
The external decks were designed to operate with lockouts. This not only conserved power but saved lives. Outside those lockout systems the arc laser continued to shred through the enemy as the friendly fighters kept their distance.
“Absolutely brilliant” Sara said amazed.
After a moment the arc laser powered down.
“Engage men!” The coordinator ordered.
Sara nodded to herself. She moved in as she fired. Below her, on the cannon deck, a Thewl let loose his own blasts when he found the opportunity to hit an enemy transporter. Still the battle raged on as the Thewl fighters concentrated their fire on the small Lokians killing three, four, and sometimes five at a time. Rapidly the enemy dwindled in numbers and power. Suddenly they disbanded. They were hurling themselves towards the planet.
“They’re fleeing? No. They’re engaging the ground crew!” Sara yelled.
“Stay calm, Human.” The coordinator replied.

About Aaron
In his own words

I attempted writing fiction once, about 10 years ago. At that time the internets, yeah I said internets, wasn’t as prevalent as today. I ran into a wall after being unable to research what I was writing about. I gave up.
Years later, in college, I wrote various term papers, exposes, etc. I hadn’t ever considered writing as a career path until the beginning of 2011. I had some weird dream where in I was lucid enough to view it from two perspectives, myself and a character. The dream was disturbing enough to compel me to attempt jotting it down. So I did.
The completion of one piece, even though very short, jumpstarted something within. Since then I’ve plugged away practically everyday. I’m 29, I’m broke, and I choose to work only part time so I can spend all my time writing.
Science fiction became a passion but any story I can generate is fun to write. Currently I have Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World as well as Shadowman. Then there are a couple of shorts up on I’m trying to start a new sci-fi movement with my Lokians series so I also threw up a wikia page, where anyone interested in sci-fi can check me, and others, out or contribute their own stuff.
Currently I’m refining two books at once, Lokians: Book2 They Lurk Among Us and An Enchanting Tale. The latter is a fantasy story.


  1. Great interview! Look forward to Lokians 2!

  2. This is a great series. I love how he tabs your interest and keeps it. I love scifi and Aaron knows how to write it. Great interview and good luck with the series.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul