Sunday, 11 November 2012

Salem's Sunday Review

The Vampire Diaries

 Meow! Mistress and I watched through all three seasons of this. It took just over a week to watch every episode. We're now watching season four on ITV2. I like the relationship between the characters very much, so much so that when Mistress looked at the books we both decided against them cause the stories seemed too different. We didn't want to spoil the TV show. I found the characters very engaging. I liked watching Caroline grow as she became a vampire. I love her relationship with Tyler and am even beginning to some what like Klaus even though he's the villain. Although of the Mikelson's Elijah will always be my favourite, he's such a gentleman. The only thing I find strange is Nina Dobrev, when she laughs her face looks really weird, she looks best with a serious or pouty seductive look on her face. Also parts of it were a tad predictable, but thats because so many Teen High school Dramas have come before it. The love triangle between the two brothers and Elena is wonderful to watch, even though we are sure we know which one she is going to chose, watching her waver between the two is electric.

Vampire Diaries gets:


Which brother would be your favourite? Ian Somerhalder as Damien Salvatore or Paul Westly as Stefan Salvatore. My Mistress mutters to herself about a Salvatore sandwich...not quite sure what that is. Can you eat it? Off to munch my kibble now. Meow!

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