Monday, 3 December 2012

Revised Edition

Thank you to all who commented. I really appreciate the comments and insight. Both seem to be popular for different reason. So as an experiment I've tried merging the best bits together to make a brand new blurb. Its risky and it sometimes works, if it doesn't get mostly thumbs up I think I will probably go with blurb two.

Deadly Sin - Blurb 3

When months go by with no more notes, Cassandra hoped her stalker was gone for good.
Pride, Sloth
But he returns on the heels of a gruesome murder, that Cassandra is at odds to solve when she's blocked from all sides and castigated for her methods.She knows the police cannot stop this killer.
Lust, Wrath
Her stalkers desire grows stronger every day. He wants her all to himself and people will die if he can't have his way.
Envy, Avarice
She can't ignore the threat or how he entices her with the possibilities of knowledge about herself. How does he know so much? And will finding out be worth the price?

Comments please?


  1. I still liked the second one better. I don't like the lists. But that's just me...

  2. OMG, this one gave me chills. This one is AWESOME!!! I love it!

  3. Hi Sonnet-I preferred the first one of yesterday. This one doesn't directly go with the seven sins-just my opinion-sounds like a fantastic book.

  4. Thanks Everyone. Combining the two didn't work out as well as I hoped. I will be using the second one for the book and maybe using the first one in some promotion events.