Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Power of the Blurb

Before you've even got to the opening of the book, there are certain things that help you decide whether or not you're going to read a book. After the cover has drawn you in, what do you do? You flip it over and read the back. This small paragraph of writing, usually telling you about the book, can entice or put you off purchasing the book in your hand. It's very important and something you have to get right and its called a "blurb".

I've always, absolutely always, struggled with writing a blurb for books. It can make or break sales and its got to be done right. Draw a reader in, make them see that its not just a pretty cover. Which is why lately when I've had a new title for selection I've been asking for the opinions of those around me. Readers unite and help me, please.

As some of you (those that follow me on facebook) may or may not know, I've recently had another title in my series selected to be published some time next year and before I get cover art and things, the bigger selling tool, I have to write a blurb for it and I am never sure what I've done is good enough. So here are two different blurbs for the same book. Please read each carefully and leave a comment about which one makes you want to buy the book more. It will help me decide which one to submit to my publisher.

Thank You.

Deadly Sin - Blurb One.

A lawyer is the first in a bizarre line of deaths
The police will be to slow to stop this killer
Cassandra tried to help but is rebuffed. And she'd got other problems.
She still knows less than others about where she comes from
And her stalkers desire grows stronger every day
He wants her all to himself
And more people will die if he can't have his way. Can Cassandra find the answers she seeks? Or will the ultimate price be her freedom?

Deadly Sin - Blurb Two

When months go by with no more notes, Cassandra hoped her stalker was gone for good

But he returns on the heels of a gruesome murder, that Cassandra is at odds to solve when she's blocked from all sides and castigated for her methods.

She can't ignore the threat or how he entices her with the possibilities of knowledge about herself. How does he know so much? And will finding out be worth the price?

Happy Reading!


  1. I have to say I am more for the second blurb, the first one seems to be revealing a bit too much. It says who is behind the murders if not the character's name. The second one is a better tease and creates more questions than answers :-)


  2. The first one is more attention grabbing. It clearly related the 'seven' deadly sins to the story itself.

    I would suggest rewriting it though so that it's all in the present tense , eg sloth: 'the police are slow (or can't stop) a/the killer ... and maybe expand each 'sin' just a little bit. Throw in a few more morsels of information without giving anything away - a fine balancing act, I know. :D

  3. Hi Sonnet-Both blurbs are great, but I prefer the first one. It's catchy with the seven deadly sins and also like how it's kind of written in bullet points (not really, but kind of) which makes it easier to read. The deadly sins also catch the eye, making it stand out from other similar stories. Great idea getting opinions-I am never sure either. Will ask you this month once I'm finally done editing my next book.

  4. I'd say go with the second one. The first reads like a list, and lists are a turn-off.

    The second is intriguing and if I read that on something I picked up off a shelf, I would definitely open the book.

  5. I say go with the second one. I usually try to write 2: one with under 100 words, and one with about 150. But the second one grabbed my attention more.

  6. I like the second one MUCH more; the first one might work but I don't like the first three full sentences - they feel really choppy to me and don't really ground me in the story - I feel "thrown into the deep end of the pool." It smooths out and is clearer starting with Envy and the rest is really good. Hope this helps! I hate writing blurbs, too! :-)

  7. I also liked the second one better, but liked both.
    Sorry not very helpful. But I'd read it because it's more Cassandra Farbanks.