Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Years Resolution

 So a New Year has begun. What does 2013 hold in store for me? Let's start with what you're supposed to do on the 1st of January - make a resolution for the year. Now I have never been very good at making resolutions. Well that's not true, I can make them just fine, its in the keeping of them that I find difficulty. Instead I wish for things and if they happen they happen. If I can do little things here and there to make them happen then that even better.

My main wish is with my Writing. Every year since I first got published (2009) I have wished for that one book, the one that would shoot me into the national spotlight. The one that would be so beloved it would spawn a movie and merchandise, allowing me to quit working my boring 9-5 office job and be able to provide the comfort my parents deserve during their old age. They took care of me most of my life, they taught me to read, encouraged me when I wanted to start writing, were ecstatic when my books were finally published and have been two of my biggest fans since then. It would be the least I could do if my work ever really takes off.

I'm working a little way towards it with Mistakenly Mated out in February and Deadly Sin - Cassandra Farbanks #6 out in May. I'm hoping to finish a couple of others soon and get them on the schedule for this year.

However New Year does not mean New Idea's I am discovering. Last few days in what little spare time I have had, I have stared at my computer screen and... nothing. Absolutely nothing. I decided it might help if I made a list of all the projects I had completed at least a first chapter for and discovered something. I start a lot of projects but finish very few. I had a whole file on my computer just dedicated to random ideas and its sad to think that some of them might never get written. I often find when I am trying to write that other things infect my brain - recently this includes that I have a hospital appointment coming up, the tree and Christmas decks have to come down, work is scheduled to turn a busy period next week, there is a new girl started so I'm probably going to spend a great deal of time cleaning up any mistake (cause its always me that get saddled with it) and I can't remember when I last gave Salem his anti-flea medicine. Not conducive to writing a best seller.

So my wish for the New Year is for Real Life to give me a break so I can roam about in my fantasy worlds long enough to write the adventures down.

Best Wishes to all for 2013!

Sonnet x

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