Saturday, 12 January 2013


One question I see on interviews a lot is - Do you listen to music while you write? And what do you listen to? I happen to be one of those authors that create playlists. I pull together a collection of twenty five songs that I play on repeat while I am trying to write. Songs that I feel portray a certain mood, the mood of the book or songs I could imagine playing in the background of certain scenes.

A friend of mine suggested that I post my play list so that people could see what it is I'm listening to as I write the next Cassandra Farbanks Book - Maternal Bones (working title). Choosing the songs for this play list took me a long time because the mood of this book is going to be a little revealing with a touch of melancholy. Sometimes I tear up listening to it which helps when writing some sad scenes.

1.Little Big Town - Bones

2.Tonight Alive - Breaking and Entering

3.Ross Copperman - Holding on and letting go

4.Little Dragon - Twice

5.Ella Mae Bowen - Holding out for a hero

6.Florence + the machine - Breath of life

7.Abney Park - This dark & twisty road

8.Mansun - Wide open space

9.Foo Fighters - Best of You

10.Bon Iver & St Vincent - Rosyln

11.Default - Sick and tired

12.Madison Avenue - Don't call me Baby

13.NIN - Dead Souls

14.Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney - The girl is mine

15.Cee Lo Green - Cry Baby

16.Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

17.Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independant

18.Pink - Who Knew

19.Avril Lavinge - Nobody's Home

20.Christina Aguilera - Hurt

21.Poet's of the fall - Where do we draw the line

22.Tarja - My Little Phoenix

23.Morning Parade - speechless

24.Poets of the fall - sleep

25 . Train - When I look to the sky

Try not to read to much into the songs themselves. Sometimes its just the title of a song, a single phrase in the song or just the beat that stuck in my mind as belonging in this play list. I included the you-tube links because I listen to an eclectic selection of music and some of these bands certain peoples may never have heard of, so it gives you the opportunity to hear what I'm listening to.

Off to write.


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  1. Always love to see other authors' playlists! Kelly Clarkson usually makes it onto mine. Serena Ryder and Québecoise singer Stephanie Bédard are also regulars. I've been a Bon Jovi fan for over 24 years, but that's different. Their music is so much woven into my biography and growing up that I don't use them for writing inspiration.