Saturday, 19 January 2013

Salem Explores the Snow

So I bet you can guess from the title that around here its been snowing. Its quite thick and it makes my imagination wonder. For years I've attempted to write a story set in a snowy wonderland but never quite managed it, because honestly we don't see it that much and we're usually unprepared for it when it does happen.

Now on the whole I quite like snow. I liked it more when I was a kid and it meant tobogganing down hills, not having to go to school, snow ball fights and building snowmen. These days it means driving in it - which as I have discovered as yesterday was the first time I'd done so - that its not fun, and you still have to go to work. But on the whole the most amusing thing has been my cat - Salem.

This is our first year with him and like watching a child's reaction to snow, watching my cats reaction to it was funny as hell. At first he took one step out into it and ran back into the house like someone had shot him from a cannon. He was stepping everywhere but on the snow, slinking in the smallest gaps around the edges where the snow had melted. Until he realised he would have to give in and just wade through the snow.

Salem being a black cat stands out so vividly against the snow that there is no way I could lose track of him as we explored this wintry scene together. Well, he explored, I stayed behind the camera, recording this historic event. Enjoy!

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