Friday, 8 February 2013

Viva Venice - Day 1

Getting up early was easy, the only thing I dislike about travel to foreign land is the flying. So I was happy when the plane not only took off and landed in one piece. Marco Polo airport is much like any other. There is no difference really accept that we left to go to the hotel by boat. Seeing the city of Venice come into view from the water is different and unique. It was almost like it rose out of the mist.

It took about an hour and forty minutes to take every stop before we pulled up at the edge of San Marco Square. We walked along the edge of the Doges palace where I got my first look at one of the most iconic things in Venice. The bridge of sighs. Which got its name as the story goes from the sounds of sighing prisoners as the crossed from the courts in the palace to the prisons on the other side. Its such a beautiful piece of architecture to have such a dark past.

Hitting the square I was glad that I had my camera out and around my neck. Of course I was rushing between costumed individual that I dropped my case several time. I was so amazed by the amount of people and the detailed intricacy of their costumes. I forgot all about the fact that we hadn't even checked into the hotel. Still I got a few good shots and I am glad I did because some of those I saw that first night, I did not see again during my stay.

We checked into the hotel, which was about two minutes walk from the square and about two minutes in the opposite direction is the Rialto Bridge.
My room was beautiful, in the Venetian style, with gold covered fabric rather than wall paper, ornate wooden furniture and a chandelier in pearl and pink glass.

Travel was exhausting, so we didn't do much after settling into the hotel. Ate dinner at a nearby restaurant, then went for a small walk just to get our bearings and enjoy the scenery. Venice is one of those cities that is still lively even after dark, the architecture takes on a whole different tone, just as beautiful. I knew then that it was going to be a great trip.

 Check back soon for more about my trip.

All photo's taken by Sonnet O'Dell - copy right 2013

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