Sunday, 10 February 2013

Viva Venice - Day 2 - Morning

We were up quiet early on the Tuesday, to enjoy a breakfast in a room of the hotel that looked to me a bit as if they had thought of adding a breakfast option to the stay of guests as a last minute thing. We took the boat across to Murano. Murano is an island just north of Venice, a colony that specialises in glass making. It produces some of the finest and most expensive glass in the world. Beautiful colourful pieces that catch the eye from every window and some impressive sculptures in the streets.

It was a very pleasant morning walking around the island. On the way back we stopped at the cemetery isle, not entirely what I had expected. I thought to see crypts and majestic angel statues like at Highgate but I was surprised to find that some where indeed underground. Mostly they were large plaques in groups. It was very peaceful as these places go but it lacks potential for visual impact in a story.

We took the boat then again back to San Marco square to find it teeming with activity. When we had left so early in the morning, the crowds were sparse and those in costume were few and far between, some were even still dressing in side streets. By noon, there were posing figures lining the alcove along side the Doge's palace, some standing with the sea as a back drop along the edge of the docks and more milling about on their way to one of the many events staged throughout the city for the two weeks of Carneval. I found myself taking many more shots as we searched out some place, just away from the square where we could have a quiet lunch before heading off to our afternoon attraction.

Check back soon for more about my trip.

Photo's taken by Sonnet O'Dell - copy right 2013

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