Monday, 4 March 2013

Meet A Writer Monday Presents...

... Carrie Lynn Barker

1. Tell me about your book Markheim and where you got your inspiration for it?

I can’t really say where Markheim came from. I had the opening scene in my head for a long time, where the two main characters reconnect after years apart. I wasn’t really sure who they were, where they came from or what their story was but I stuck with them, followed them and they became great guides.

2. If you could interview anyone from your life, living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would love to be able to interview my grandparents. What I learned at the end of my grandfather’s life, from him, was incredibly interesting, but dementia took him before I could get a full story. I’ve recently been in touch with a very distant cousin and together we’re swapping family history stories. What she knows and what I know are so different that we both want to know what the truth is.

3. If someone came up to you and wanted to tell you about an idea or a book they were writing, what would you do? Or what advice would you give?

This happens to me every day except it’s not books, it’s screenplays. My husband comes to me all the time with ideas. I’m always honest, whether I like it or I don’t. Sometimes he writes ideas that I wasn’t fond of at first and they turn out okay, but sometimes they don’t. He’s a great writer and I love listening to the ideas he comes up with. But, no matter who it is, I’m always honest.

4. Would you rather write for children or adults?

I’m too vulgar to write for children and I don’t really know any other way to be. I use bad language, create violent scenes, kill off people. I don’t think I’d know how to write a children’s book, even if I wanted to.

5. Have you ever killed someone in a novel and regretted it later?

Whenever I kill someone off, I always make sure it’s the right thing to do. I have killed off characters I’ve both loved and hated, but it’s always been for good reason. I’ve regretted it, sure. There have been characters I’ve killed that I wanted to explore further but it wouldn’t have made any sense.

6. What are the most important attributes to staying sane as a writer?

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been sane... Life in general has kept me pretty insane. I think all writers need to have some level of sanity and insanity to create worlds and characters.

7. Is Elvis really dead?

Of course not. He lives in the shed behind my house. He likes his privacy though so we don’t bother him much. He does play his records pretty loud but I don’t mind. So far the neighbours haven’t complained.

8. What is your favourite quote?

Jack Kerouac has a good one on writing – ‘Write in recollection and amazement for yourself.’ I think that’s pretty good advice.

9. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I never really considered myself a writer, not until just recently. I write, yes. But am I writer? Not really. I don’t introduce myself as one or talk much about my writing but that’s really what I am. I’m a writer. I think I was born to write and that’s what I should be doing with my life. Whether I’m good is up to the readers and critics but, in my mind, I was meant to write.

10. If you couldn’t be an author, what career would you chose?

I would have been a palaeontologist. Had there been a college I could have gone to with a degree in palaeontology, I definitely would have done that. Instead there was no college I could get into so I moved on.

11. Name one thing that drives you crazy.

Repetitive noise. Ask my husband. He liked to annoy me by doing something repetitive. Anything that makes a repetitive sound makes me, more insane than usual.

12. Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcovers?

Paperbacks are my favourite but I like a physical book in my hand. I frequent the used bookstore and I just love the way it smells. I read ebooks but they don’t have the same appeal to me.


Elsie Markheim's world turns upside down when cousin is murdered, dying in her arms.  Then another family member is killed halfway around the world.  Elsie believes that someone is trying to destroy her horrific family.  Death waits at every corner, for herself and everyone she knows, as Elsie tries to escape.  When finally confronted with the killer, she realizes she was never the intended target.  Target or not, her own actions have been the cause of every death following in her wake.


About Carrie

Carrie Lynn Barker is an avid writer who has been writing all her life.  She lives just outside of Los Angeles with her husband, filmmaker Brandon Barker and their two dogs.  She's a collector of books and tattoos, both of which she has many.  Markheim is her sixth novel and first with Damnation Books.

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  1. It's hard to murder off characters, since they are so "alive" in our heads while we are writing their words and lives. Not sure if I could do it, since I regard many of them as close personal friends. Weird, huh?

  2. Hey girl,
    I got a degree in Anthropology and archeology, which had details on paleontology but I like writing better. I never liked hard work and digging is hard work and I don't like smelling moldy old bones. Lol I love your books too so I get to write and enjoy your books. This book sounds really interesting. I do like killig off the bad guys. I must have a happy ending though.
    Good luck and very interesting interview.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul

  3. Great interview, Sonnett and Carrie! Congrats on another book!!!!! You're really doing a lot of writing! Sounds awesome and hope it's a bestseller! Dina Rae

  4. Thanks, everyone! And thanks Sonnet for having me again. :) Hoping to kill off some more bad guys (and maybe some good guys!) in the very near future.

  5. "...someone is trying to destroy her horrific family." - That's one helluva hook! :D