Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Cassandra Doll

Sometime ago I invested in my first BJD (Ball jointed doll), a male, which I dressed up as best I could to look like Aram from the Cassandra Farbanks series. He sits on a chair on my shelf and when I am having trouble thinking about how to play his character in a scene (yes I refer to them as scenes like it was a movie and not a book) its like he whispers ideas or encouragement and it eventually gets me through.

For any of you who don't know what the Aram doll looks like:

So I've been um-ing and ah-ing over buying him a companion. A Cassandra doll to go with his pallored perfection. I finally ordered one the other night (don't ask cost, lets just say its an expensive hobby) and am hoping that she will arrive here sometime either in early July or early August. Of course once she is set up, clothed and wigged I will add pictures of her to my website.

Some ask why I didn't create Cassandra first as she is the main protagonist of the series. I can only say that I am a complete girl and went for the hunk first, sad but true is the fact that hormones rule me a lot of the time and the idea of having a little Aram to play with was far more appealing.

This is the model I have ordered:

The Mei model from Resin soul is about 42 inchs tall, two or four inches shorter than the male Aram doll which is actually perfect as Aram is taller than Cassandra in the books but not by a lot. I am of course getting her with a slightly warmer skin tone, she'll come with random eyes so I might have to buy a new pair of those to get her trade mark green and I bought a wig that will closely resemble her mass of brown hair although getting it exact was impossible. I think this model has a very sweet face. Of course she is a MSD - which are described as youth dolls so she'll have little to no chest. Nothing that can't be solved with a little creativity on my part but I'm really excited and can't wait till she's in my hands.

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