Friday, 14 June 2013

Lost In Translation #2


 Moula, Wonga, Dosh, Pounds, Quids, Bread. All different words for money which is what this post is all about. In the UK we use GBP - Great British Pounds. You'll find no dollars here (unless your at an exchange bureau). The pound was once the envy of the world, or so I'm told. These days well its just what's in our pockets and what we get paid and pay with.

You've got the smallest coins - the coppers - the one pence piece and the two pence piece. Then marching upwards you get the silver coins, the small five pence, the larger ten. After that comes the hexagonal coins in the form of the twenty pence and the fifty. Then we leap to the gold coin, the pound coin, for which we have dedicated whole stores (Poundland - the American equivalent being something like the dollar store) and then the newest of our coins, in a mix of gold and silver, the two pound coin.

After the coins come your higher denominations - the bank notes. We start with the smallest note, the five pound note (so in UK strip clubs the dancers do quite well if someone tucks their smallest bill in your thong). Then we have the ten, the twenty and the fifty pound notes. Loving our variety each of these have different colours. Starting at the beginning we have the green fiver, the orange tenner, the purple twenty pound note and the red fifty.

The current Dollar to Pound exchange rate is about 11/2 dollars to the pound which is why I like holidaying in America because I get more for my buck. :)

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