Sunday, 2 June 2013

Salem's Sunday Review

~Purrs~ There is nothing more that this cat likes than to curl up on his mistress's lap and to watch a good girlie movie. Pitch perfect fits the bill purrfectly. I was wary at first because having only seen Anna Kendrick in Twilight (and not much caring for her character) that I might not warm to the protagonist. It just goes to show you should not judge an actress by one role. I loved her in this, yes there were still some Jessica like qualities to her but its a side affect of being a young actor who hasn't diversified yet. I loved the group of characters coming together to from a college all female Capella group. Fat Amy is hilarious and for those of us with a subtler and darker sense of humour you have the character of Lilly played by Hana Mae Lee - someone I've not seen in a film before.
This movie is a bit like Glee meets Bring It On or the Step Up movies. Its funny and Sassy with some singing but not enough to make it a "musical".

Pitch perfect gets:

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