Sunday, 16 June 2013

Salem's Sunday Review

~purr~ Now this is a story I can get my teeth into where the Cat is the star. This is one tigers story as he must share a lifeboat with a teenage Indian boy lost in the pacific ocean after a ship wreck. Piscine Molenaux Patel - nicknamed Pi - and his family ran a zoo for many years before deciding to uproot, take the animals and head across the world to Canada. During their journey however there is a storm and the ship wrecks leaving only Pi and the Tiger - Richard Parker to survive alone in the ocean.

This movie has some fantastic and beautiful scenes in it. Although we watched it in standard definition to see it in HD must really be something.

This tale of survival although it had a happy ending will make you both laugh and cry along the way. Its a very touching tale. However as far as rewatched value goes, it doesn't really have a lot of potential in that area. Its very much a tale of once you've seen it, it stays with you and I couldn't imagine watching it again.

Life of Pi gets:

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