Sunday, 9 June 2013

Salem's Sunday Review

~Purr~ You are never to old for a Disney movie in my book. Especially if its good and boy was this one. At first I wasn't sure about it, I wasn't confident that a movie about video games would work but it was beautifully done and strangely plausible. I mean who hasn't imagined that once we're not watching them that characters come to life. Its the same sort of appeal of the Toy Story franchise.

One of my favourite bits was right at the beginning. The bad guy support group. It was nice to see characters mistress knew and loved from her childhood. She gleefully sat there naming them and what game they came from. Just because your a bad guy, doesn't mean you are a bad guy. And deep down Ralph proves that he isn't a bad guy just because that's his role in his game.

Mine and Mistresses favourite character by far was Vanellope Von Schweetz the glitching girl from the Sugar Rush racing game that Ralph meets when his game jumping (an attempt to find a game in which he can win a medal and thus the respect of the citerzens in his own game) goes horribly wrong. From the original trailer you couldn't tell how much she would be involved at first but pretty much three quarters of the movie is spent in the Sugar Rush game. And the true villan of the piece was a surprise.

Wreck it Ralph gets:

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