Saturday, 1 June 2013

This is _ Winner

Here is a sneak peek at Cassandra Farbank Series #7. Where we meet the puppy for the first time.

I was surprised when the box moved. It juddered just under the fringes of the large spruce tree sending an ornament tumbling to the ground. I looked at Aram who didn’t seem at all surprised by its behaviour and urged me closer. Getting down on my knees I reached for the bow only to have the box burst out from the other prettily wrapped packages. I fell back on my butt as claws burst through the sides and whatever it was tore its way out. I could make out four small legs, a bushy tail and a head that shook back and forth frantically with a piece of its cardboard prison in its mouth.

Satisfied with the destruction, it turned to face me. I was greeted by two eyes, one the color of spring grass, the other of summer sky. His fur was deep black that almost shimmered with dark blue in the light, except for strange curling markings of white on his ear, left from paw and his back right paw and hip. His ears pointed up to expose the pale pink flesh and his muzzle was long, wolfish with a gleaming wet nose. It wrinkled as he sniffed the air. Making a noise part way between a growl and a yip he launched himself at my chest, planting himself in a good position to give me on canine tongue bath I would never forget. I laughed pushing him to the floor and scrubbing my hand over his ears to keep him still while I dried my face on my sleeve.

“He’s a spirit dog isn’t he? He’s adorable.”

Spirit dogs were rare. They were bred typically by Native American shamans as companions. The only known breed, part wolf, part hunting dog, that could stand to be around magic. They were grossly expensive. Any protests I might have had about the price or Aram spoiling me died on my tongue when I saw how pleased Aram was. He would spend any amount just to make me smile. I turned back to the puppy when I head a metallic jangling; his back paw was beating away, scratching at his collar and tag that were already around his neck. The tag read Cosmo.

“You already named him?” Aram bent down to our level and patted the dog on the head softly.

“He already named himself. The breeder claims that the dogs tell him their names through meditation with them.”

I watched as Cosmo took the sleeve of Aram’s shirt by its puff of excess frills, clamped it in his teeth and pulled, growling playfully.

If you didn't see it already then here it is:

The puppy is named Cosmo. Thanks go to Shaine Klish for her entry. She will become a character in Cassandra Farbanks Book #8. As a bonus prize - if and when published - a signed paperback copy shall be hers. Thanks to everyone who took part. Keep your eyes peeled for more competitions and chances to win.

Sonnet x

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