Friday, 26 July 2013

Lost In Translation #6


Now what is Ebil I hear you say? Surely its a typo. You meant to write Evil right? Nope. Ebil is a new word that people need to get to know.

The Urban dictionary describes Ebil as - Pleasently or cutely evil. Slightly evil but without malicious intent. Example:

"Man, did you see what that Zorbak did to the Moglins? Forcing them to sing Britney Spears songs in pink, frilly dresses .... that was just EBIL."

In the Cassandra Farbanks series I use this word a lot, usually to describe the plans or idea of Incarra, Cassandra's best friend. Plans which include destroying her "imagined" enemies by burning by making a peanutbutter and marshmellow cookie trail that leads to an open furnace door. Or her many t-shirts that allude to her taking over the world or killing you horribly. This is funny because Incarra is tiny and can't reach the top shelf at the supermarket without help.

A chibi version of Incarra

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