Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What If...

...The Cassandra Farbanks Series became a TV show.

Most authors who aspire to any degree to be well known someday have thought about this what if. What if someone came along and liked my books that they offered to make it into prime time television viewing for the world. Who would play who? Well here are my favourites at the moment for those in Cassandra's world.

Holliday Granger as Cassandra Farbanks

I first saw Holliday playing Ruby in ITV's series Demons, but most will know her as play Lucretzia in the Borgias. Finding a Cassandra would be the hardest part of casting the show and at the moment Holliday fits the bill, of course she's a little on the short side and would have to wear heels to match Cassie exactly

Kit Harrington as the vampire, Aram

Kit Harrington is best known for his role as Jon Snow in HBO's hit series Game of Thrones. I actually haven't seen him in anything else but make him a little paler and I think he would make a very handsome Aram.

Francois Arnauld as the vampire, Jareth

Francois Arnauld is another actor I saw in the Borgias and I don't know much else he's done but if you pair him with Kit, he looks like he could be his older brother. I also like the chemistry between him and Holliday in their roles as Cesare and Lucretzia.

Beverley Elliott as Virginia Toogood

Finding an older woman to play this strong yet frail character is hard. The minute I saw Beverley in Once upon a time, a granny with a crossbow (in the flashbacks) there was something about her that struck me as a possibility for Virginia.

Nikolaj Coste Waldau as Paris Hamilton

Again this is an actor I had never heard of before I started watching Game of Thrones where he plays Jamie Lanaster - the King slayer. I think he would make a great Paris. I could most certainly see him playing a cocky charming cop.

Gwendoline Christie as Samantha Rourke

There is a distinct lack of really tall women who also act. Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, is a character that I would have thought good for Rourke but perhaps a little plain. However once you get her out of the armor, she's got a quite a different look. Perfect for the herculean petite faced detective and I loved her chemistry with Nikolaj Coste Waldau. Something they might recreate as the former flames Paris and Samantha.

Henry Cavill as David Jacob (DJ) Tanner

Henry Cavill is a face I've seen for many years but never been able to remember the actors name until I saw him in Tudors - although I first saw him in the Count of Monte Christo as a much younger man. He very much seems like he could play DJ for me, not only in looks but his range as an actor.

Possibles for Minor Characters

 Colin O'Donoghue as Vincent
(first seen as Hook in Once Upon a Time)

Christina Hendricks as Nancy
(First seen as Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda in Firefly)

Seamus Dever as Michael LeBron
(First seen as Detective Ryan in Castle)

Tim Quinee as Simian Urquhart
(First seen in Revolution)

Like these choices? Got a suggestion on who you'd like to see in the roles instead? Got a suggestion for another character? I would love to hear them. Please comment below.

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