Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Cassandra Doll

A while ago I ordered and received a male MSD BJD that I turned into the Aram doll from my series the Cassandra Farbanks Series.

He's been very happy but recently he's seemed a little lonely. He obviously needed a companion so I saved up and ordered a second doll. This time a female doll to become his Cassandra. This week she arrived and I've been painstakingly trying to prepare her for her first meeting with her Aram.

I had numerous problems when she first arrived. For example, she arrived with hair, boots and ripped leggings but no top. The top she is wearing here is temporary. I knocked it together in about fifteen minutes from my magic sowing box. Its a halter top but the back of it, she is actually sowed into the top. I had ordered a top but when I contacted the supplier I was told the line had been stopped and therefore she was going to refund me. I've ordered something different now but have to wait for it to come but for decencies sake I couldn't let her walk around with her bejubblies hanging out.

The second problem I faced was that I forgot to include a request for the manufacturer to paint the face so I had to do this myself. Having never done it before I was really worried and watched six hours of YouTube videos on how to do it before even going out to pick up the materials I needed. I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.

So now that she was complete, her hair in the classic (from the first four books) braid which was something else that took a while and required me to employ my straighteners, she was ready to meet her Aram.

Make up done and nails painted, she looks quite good.

Aram certainly seems pleased with his leading lady.



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