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Meet A Writer Monday Presents...

... Katie McKnight

1. Tell me about your book Secrets Revealed and where you got your inspiration for it?

My suspenseful-romance novel is entitled Secrets Revealed. The story is about a Broadway actress named Melanie O’Shaughnessy and her new husband, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Carlisle. With their latest projects completed, they leave work, fans and the paparazzi behind to enjoy an overdue holiday vacation.

A secret from Melanie’s past brings the celebration to a halt, causing Melanie to fear a public scandal. What she doesn’t realize, is someone in her life is masterminding a plan for murder.

This story began as a dream about a woman who did not get along with her in-laws. The dream haunted me until I put it on paper. From there a sinister plot took over.

2. What is usually your first thought in the morning?

School-day mornings my first thought is, I wish it were the weekend. On summer mornings, I think, I hope this day never ends.

3. If someone came up to you and wanted to tell you about an idea or a book they were writing, what would you do? Or what advice would you give?

Several people have come to me with book ideas. Some want to pass the idea on to me while others are considering penning their own story. In each case, I encourage them to write their story and then I provide research I have gathered to those who are interested.

4. Which do you find more embarrassing to write, violence or sex?

Definitely sex. Anytime I sit down to write a sex scene, I imagine the horrified look on my parents faces while they read the book. It takes me out of the moment.

5. Are you jealous of other writers?

No way. Who better to learn from than other authors? There are so many who are willing to help one another. As long as there are readers, we will find some level of success.

6. What would you do with 1 million ping pong balls?

Throw the biggest Cosmo-pong game in the world. I don’t like beer.

7. How do you overcome writers block?

I build on a character’s profile then walk away from the computer and imagine how that character would react in a scene. If I am stuck at a point in the story, I try to imagine what road I would take if I were the character. Either way, I stay away from the manuscript until I figure it out.

8. Say you’re dead but are a ghost? You can’t be seen, can make objects float and walk through walls. What would you do?

I love to play pranks. I would have elaborate plans to mess with people. Stories where ghosts create freestanding artwork using kitchen utensils makes me giggle. That would be me.

9. What three things would you save from a fire at your house? (assume that all your family get out safe.)

Once my family and my dog escaped, I would grab photo albums, memory sticks (I have already lost one manuscript.) and my IPad. I love my IPad.

10. How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

My sister came up with the title. I had a difficult time coming up with the title for Secrets Revealed. My family and I were on our way to visit a haunted house around Halloween when the title popped into my sister’s head.

11. What are your current projects?

I am working on a novel about a woman whose husband suffered a brain injury because of a car accident. During his recovery, she learns every aspect of his life is a lie. She is forced to make a decision concerning her marriage while picking up the messy pieces of her life.

12. Do you recall how your interest in writing occurred?

My husband underwent open-heart surgery at twenty-five years old to repair a hole in his heart. This was the first grown up problem in our marriage and I had a difficult time dealing with it. I began journaling as a way to express my fears. Journaling turned into fictional stories. Twenty years later, Secrets Revealed was born (and my husband’s heart is healthy).

13. If you couldn’t be an author, what career would you chose?

I would be a stage actress.

14. Name one thing that drives you crazy.

If the hostess has provided appetizers and dinner, no adult should feel the need to break open dessert before it is served. Pre-dessert eating is my biggest pet peeve.

15. If you had your own talk show, who would the first three guests be?

1. My Farmingdale girlfriends because they are the funniest people I know. We think we should have our own housewives show (without the drama),

2. My brother. He would not hesitate to tell embarrassing stories about me. Since people love embarrassing comedy, my ratings would soar.

3. The actors from the movie The Avengers (and Channing Tatum). Just so we could stare at them.

16. Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcovers?

E-books. I spend a good part of my summer camping. It is easier to pack twelve books into an electronic device than twelve books into a suitcase.


How far would you go to keep your secrets?

Broadway actress, Melanie O’Shaughnessy and her new husband, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Carlisle, lived on opposite ends of the country a good part of the year. With their latest projects completed, they leave work, fans, and the paparazzi behind to enjoy an overdue holiday vacation.

When a secret from Melanie’s past brings the celebration to a horrifying halt, Melanie fears a public scandal. What she doesn’t realize, is someone in her life is masterminding a plan for murder.

The longer they waited, the more difficult it was to get close to Melanie O’Shaughnessy.

He wanted the half-million dollars he'd been promised. The measly five hundred dollars he had received so far was a joke. What a fool he was for agreeing to wait on payment until after he finished the job. More importantly, he needed to satisfy the tingling sensation in his chest, fingers and jaw. At one time, he feared the sensation was the onset of a heart attack. Now he understood it indicated a desire to inflict pain on others. The last fourteen months fueled that desire.

He arrived at the diner and sat across from his client. The small talk annoyed him even though this client was also a close friend.

The tingling sensation was intense. “I want to execute the plan now. No more delays.”

“Do you have a plan in mind?”

“Of course I do,” he snapped. “She has dinner with her friends every Tuesday night. On the way home, she passes an alley. I‘m going to wait for her there.”

“What makes you so sure she'll walk? It's been a cold December. She could take a cab.”

He sucked his cheek in annoyance. “She has eaten in the same restaurant with the same group of friends for the past year. When the evening ends, she always walks home.”

“There’s one problem with your plan,” the client told him. “She and Ryan are spending the holidays in Pennsylvania.”

He groaned.

“Don’t be angry. I meant to tell you. It will be easier for you to handle matters once they leave New York. I can get close to her there.”

He considered this. “Easy would be nice.”

“I realize the enjoyment you get from tormenting people. Don’t do it this time. Stay away from her until you hear from me. She's destroyed my family. I do not want this plan to fail.”


About Katie

Katie McKnight lives on Long Island with her husband, three sons and their boxer.  She is a member of the Farmingdale Writer’s Group and the Long Island Writer’s Guild.  When she is not singing karaoke or polishing her tiaras, you’ll find her glued to her lap top writing stories or attending online classes.  She has completed Mystery Writing and Advanced Fiction courses through Queens College and Piedmont Community College, respectively.


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