Saturday, 25 January 2014

Salems Reviews: Disney's Frozen


So Frozen is supposed to be based on the story of the Snow Queen. Now usually I dislike it when films stray too far from the original material. I am one who ends up saying regularly "when they say based on, they mean very loosely." However I found that with Frozen this fact didn't bother me at all. In fact I was glad as the original tale of the Snow Queen isn't a very happy one - as you find with a great deal of Han Christian Anderson's work.

Frozen is one of the few Disney movies where the main relationship isn't boy meets girl. Frozen's focus is on the relationship and love between sisters - Elsa and Anna. I found I was touched by their story, in fact I had to wipe tears from my eyes at a couple of points during the movie. Elsa has a power that she has feared all her life - typically her parents didn't know how to handle it so made it worse by telling her to hide it and isolating their daughters from society. I think this also explains a little of Anna's naivety when it comes to Prince Hans. When Elsa's powers are revealed and the reaction only continues to feed her own fear (therefore making her control of them worse) she runs away, leaving Anna as the only one who can bring her sister back and save the kingdom from an endless winter.

Not that Disney leaves out the romance element that comes in the form of Kristoff. The handsome young mountain man who agrees to help Anna on her quest in the hopes that the return of summer will save his ice business. Kristoff is a bit of a loner much like Anna has been spending most of his time with his reindeer Sven. Of course Anna doesn't see him that way till its almost too late as she is mistakenly of the belief that she has found her true love in Hans.

Of course you have your comic relief character in the form of Olaf. A child hood snowman Elsa brought to life by accident when finally giving her powers a run after she has left her kingdom behind. He provides very, very light relief because he actually isn't all that amusing. After his song about wanting to see summer - you actually end up feeling a little sorry for him as the clueless guy doesn't seem to understand that snow melts in heat.


What surprised me most in this story was who the true villain turned out to be. Prince Hans. That's right, Disney made the handsome prince the bad guy. I didn't see it coming either, they fooled me even giving him and Anna a love duet right at the beginning of the film. Hans, the 13th son of another kingdom knows he will never inherit his throne, so knowing that Arundel has two princesses he concocted a plan. Knowing Elsa was too isolated and cold, he tricked Anna hoping to marry her and bump Elsa off. When fate turns so that both sisters are as good as dead, he reveals his true colors and makes a grab for the kingdom.

Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

I give it 5 black cats

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