Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ten Things: Beauty and The Beast

Now we all know this story right - Disney's version of it - Beautiful enchantress turns a wicked prince into a beast until he meets his true love. Its one of my favourite stories and one of my favourite movies but watching it again as an adult - there are certain things that struck me. I would like to list ten of them here.


Beast is a Prince...presumably as the next scene is Belle in a nearby French Village...of France. How did no one notice that the heir to the throne had suddenly gone missing? And where the hell were his parents while this was all going on?


The Enchantress who turned him into the beast does so for what, fun, randomly wandering the country side cursing brats. Why is no one worried about or trying to stop her?


If you think about it, the cursed rose is supposed to bloom until the princes 21st year. In "Be Our Guest" Lumiere says its been ten years. That means The prince was eleven when the curse was put on him. Essentially it boils down to that the enchantress put a curse on an Eleven Year old boy because he wouldn't let a stranger in the house.

This does not look like an eleven year old boy!


The enchantress curses the whole castle. The servants are selfish by association are they. Did she not take her pills that morning or what?


Belle leaves her room because she's hungry. The servants go through a whole song and dance about food and hospitality where Belle doesn't eat anything and then she agrees to go on a tour of the castle. Did she forget she was hungry?


Chip is not ten. Meaning he can't have been born before the curse. Is Mrs Potts still able to procreate even though she's a teapot? Or if he was born before the curse is it only the beast who is aging while the others are all frozen in time? Also what happened to Mr Potts? Did he break?


Gaston leads an angry mob of villagers to the castle of the beast which happens to be in walking distance. How did they not know the castle was there?

Belle could see the Beast climbing up the side of the castle to see her but couldn't spot Gaston sneaking up behind him to stick a knife in him. Honestly.


If there was an enchantress roaming around punishing kids for being brats - why wasn't this bozo on the top of her list?

Happily Ever After Everybody with Belle marrying Prince Adam - the same Belle who didn't want to marry Gaston because she wanted a life of adventure and freedom. Yes, being the wife of a head of state - I see the freedom there.

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  1. who ran the country while the royals were unavailable ? La President Red Riding Hood ? :-)