Saturday, 22 March 2014

Salem's Reviews: Gravity


Now at the time of its cinema release there was a lot of talk about this movie. People saying how good it was. So of course when it hit DVD release it was on my list of films I have to see for myself.

This is not your typical Sandra Bullock films and happily steps away from some of the things she's been doing recently (The Heat for example although I enjoyed the film at time made me cringe) and puts her into a more serious role. Her character Doctor Ryan Stone is out on her first space mission when things go horribly wrong. The Russian blow up their own satellite by accident sending debris hurtling to their location. The ship is destroyed and they are left floating in space trying to find away to get safely back down to earth.

This movie also bills as a star George Clooney playing a Veteran Astronaut on his last mission before retiring. Clooney seems to be the comic relief for what turns out to be a very gritty movie and actually doesn't see as much screen time as you would imagine. In fact Gravity had to be one of the biggest movies with the smallest cast list I've ever seen, with only Bullock and Clooney getting any screen time, the rest simply voice acting - a waste of the talented Ed Harris.

The most enchanting thing about this movie were the amazing views of space and looking down on the earth. Apart from that I found it very easy to drift in and out of the movie, though the will they make it won't they make it scenario usually has me on the edge of my seat.

I give Gravity 3 Cats

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