Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ten Things: Tangled

So this is Disney's take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel without the blinding by thorns and banishment to the desert that might scare the wee little kiddies but again, although I love this movie, certain things struck me.

So a drop of sunshine made a golden flower. In theory I get how this works, all plants grow because of the sun but what I don't get, is if there was only one how the hell did anyone know about it. Did it advertise in the yellow pages?


The flower has the magic ability to heal injuries and turn back the clock. Once again I find myself asking how did Mother Gothel discover it had this ability and did it tell her how to activate its magic. She sings to it and unless she was a keen gardener (which is highly unlikely) how did she know to do this. Also if she wanted to keep it to herself why not just stick it in a planter and take it home.


So the magic flower heals the queen and the power of it gets transferred to her unborn baby. How did Mother Gothel even know this was possible? So she kidnaps the child to raise as her own - like that wasn't going to back fire eventually.


Who built this tower. Its a massive structure and I'm sorry but I just don't see Mother Gothel doing it. C'mon the woman is so lazy that she teaches the child to sing the special song to make her young so that she doesn't have to. If someone built it, then someone knew it was there which would have been a big help when looking for a lost princess.


I'm pretty sure (but I'm not an expert) that chameleon's can't actually do this. If they could it would be cool.


How has Rapunzel never questioned that Mother Gothel is her biological mother before? I mean they look nothing alike. All teens at some point questions are these really my parents, even I did and I look amazingly like both my parents. Also they are living in a pseudo medieval fantasy world and she's a single mother? Was there ever a story about what happened to her husband?


If you're worried about losing your treasure so badly, why did you chose to live in a tower less than a days ride from the very palace you stole it from? Seriously, you should have left the country.


Maximus - is he a horse? Is he a dog?


Your long lost daughter returns to you and you're not even going to question it? She was born with blonde hair (and not the kind that gets darker when you get older) and she turns up a brunette. Not even a little suspicious...


And she was brought to you by this guy. Wanted crook and conman. Honestly, still not questioning it...

But at last I see the light. A great song and an even better love story. Millions of Chinese style lanterns released every year and not one forest fire. Well done.

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