Sunday, 27 April 2014

Writing Update

So I took a much needed vacation recently. I had been working at the day job pretty much straight through since Christmas and just needed to get away. I went for a week - no tech. I did not take a computer or my ipad. I did not Facebook, Tweet, Text or Email for an entire week (which in itself is an achievement) and I think it did me the world of good. A little sun and just me, a pen and several pads of paper.

I ended up really getting my groove on. I'd already finished the first book in a new trilogy I've been writing before I left. Hopefully Cera Raine and her story will be coming to you soon. But my holiday allowed me to get back to my main love, Cassandra Farbank's and her world. In a week I went from just starting chapter three of the eighth book to just finishing chapter thirteen. I couldn't believe how it just seemed to flow out of me. Just goes to prove that my day job kills my creativity.

I'm on chapter fourteen now and still trying to keep going but daily life is interrupting me all the time and I should stop blogging now before Castiel says...

...oops too late!

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