Sunday, 25 May 2014

Intimate Invasions Cover Reveal

Erik is a Tigarian. His people came to the blue planet five generations before his birth and took over. The native inhabitants are forced to live wild in the forests and Tigarian men hunt them to sell into slavery. Asia is a wild woman. When Erik meets her, he is injured and abandoned by his comrades. She cares for him and the two begin to fall in love with Erik promising to help her find her siblings and free them. When he is rescued, Asia is captured and Erik must buy her in order to continue their promise. Now Erik must get her and her siblings out of the citadel and to safety before it could be the end of all of them.


Erik walked towards the mouth of the cave only to have Kobi growl at him. With bloodstained teeth he looked even more ferocious. Erik stiffened his spine and kept walking. The growl rumbled from its throat again.

“Well if you’re so worried about where I’m going, why don’t you come along?” He stared the beast down, its head tilted as if considering then he got up padding out beside Erik as he took the path looking for Asia. He had a strange and fierce desire to be sure she was alright.

Soon Kobi was trotting ahead of him, leading him, his tail sticking out from behind a crag of rock while he waited for Erik to catch up. Kobi stood on a path that was easily missed, it twisted around two larger boulders that created an optical illusion of a dead end. It was only about big enough for one person at a time, so he followed behind Kobi who stopped every so often as if accommodating for Erik’s leg.

The path opened out into a grotto, hidden on all sides by dense mountain rock. There were fruit trees, two of them and a pair of thick leafy bushes about chest height. A small patch of grass gave way to slate colored rock that ran to the lip of a pool in which Asia stood. She had her back to him and she was naked. She waded out, the water lapping at her knees to a tower of rock that the water from a natural spring cascaded down. Her wet clothes lay out to dry on top of one of the bushes, while the carcass of a wild pig dangled off the ground strung from a tree branch. Erik could see the marks from Kobi’s teeth and claws in its hide.

Erik took a step closer to see better. Asia was tanned all over. She had to just lay in the sun after bathing to dry. Her buttocks were tight and shapely, her legs looked longer now and her wet dark hair cascaded down her back. She stepped under the spray, water running down her smooth perfect skin, adorning her like some goddesses tears.

Coming September from Eternal Press

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