Sunday, 18 May 2014

Whispers Cover Reveal

Doctor Kale Swanson is the only vampire psychiatrist in a small town. Usually he spends his nights listening to the undead’s problems but recently branched out to human clients. Pamela is a woman who is cagey about her past and Kale finds himself drawn to her despite a strict belief in a platonic doctor/patient relationship. When two men burst into his office looking for her, Kale throws himself into protecting and claiming Pamela as his own doing the one thing he swore never to – get involved.


Kale crept alone the outside of the building to the next window. This one was opposite her bed and open to the night air. He carefully pushed it all the way up starting to call out to her but choked when with her back to him she unzipped the dress letting it fall to the floor. Kale couldn’t stop himself admiring the sensual curve of her back, the way her lace panties hugged her firm ass or how her long legs looked like they would be perfect wrapped around him.
Pamela pulled the band from her hair letting her curls bounce down around her shoulder blades. When she reached for the clasp of her bra, he knew he had to stop her, so he coughed loudly. She shrieked, grabbing the comforter off the bed to wrap it around herself as she turned to see who had made the sound. She blinked twice looking at him sitting there outside her window.
“Doctor Swanson?”
“Hello Pamela. May I come in?” Her cheeks flamed pink.
“I guess so.”
“A little more than that is required,” he said smiling, trying to put her at ease. Her shoulders relaxed.
“Of course. Please come in Doctor Swanson.” Kale climbed in through the open window and sat against the inside sill.
“As we’re not at my office I think you can call me Kale.”
Pamela smiled softly clutching the comforter and tucking her hair behind one ear. She took a couple of steps closer.
“What brings you to my window, Kale?”
Kale didn’t respond immediately, he was lost in her body language. Pamela was pleased, even excited to see him. She wasn’t clutching the comforter as tightly as she had been, so she kept revealing more and more of her tantalizing skin. Her head was tilted at an angle that said she was shy but hopeful. Had she been talking about him yesterday? He was almost sure she had. That meant their exchanges had been verging on flirting for both of them. Also her underwear had been way too nice for every day wear, it was the kind you wore when you were hoping someone was going to see it. She too had considered the possibilities of being alone with him in his office.

Coming August 1st from Eternal Press

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