Sunday, 1 June 2014

Craft Corner

So most people who know me (and only a few think its weird) know that I am into BJD's. I now own a total of nine, with my tenth on its way to me. Most have been painstakingly painted, dressed and accessorized by me to look like the characters from my main series of books - The Cassandra Farbanks Novels.

In the book I am currently writing, Venetian Moon, my characters are popping over to Venice for a chance of scene. Its carnival where people dress up in old world costumes to attend parties and what better way for an ancient vampire to break out the clothes from his glo
ry days and strut about.

I had this beautiful frock coat made for my Aram doll by a lovely lady who goes by the handle Sama Lucca Pucca but my boy, he need a hat to go with it. So today I have been crafting it. Below are the results.

And on Aram himself - he seems quite pleased with it.

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