Friday, 1 August 2014

Happy Birthday Q & A

So I threw out to the verse that in order to celebrate my 30th birthday properly that I should open myself up to questions. I asked people to email me with whatever their little hearts wanted to know and am so pleased that a few people actually responded. Below you'll see the questions and my answers. Enjoy! P.S This is going live on the day I was born at the time I was born, thought it would be a hoot.

What things do you do for writing inspiration?  Music? Candles? A story board or photos? - submitted by Kim Richards

I tend to re-read my favourite books or watch my favourite movies. Especially if they are in the genre from which I am trying to write. Sometimes I have to think like someone else to be able to think like me. I also tend to use music a lot, to get me in the mood. Never thought about story boards or photos but I do imagine one day having one of those white boards on wheels that I can just plot out ideas on.

If given the choice to calibrate with any living author, who would that be and why ? - submitted by Russell Henderson

Top of my list would be Neil Gaiman. I love his work. His satirical dark humor would be right up my alley.

What is your opinion of a bad author and a great author? - submitted by Russell Henderson

I suppose I would denote a good author as one who writes well and is nice to fans. There is nothing worse in the world that idolizing someone because of their work only to find the fames gone to their head and they aren't very nice. My readers are important to me and I'd treat them as such.

How do you handle bad reviews? - submitted by Sharon Stogner

With the traditional five stages of grief. lol.

Do you ever get writers block and if so what do you do about it? - submitted by Rebecca Atkinson

All the time. I tend to put down one project and pick up another. I rotate through my works in progress until I usually end up back at the beginning.

What made you decide on the name Cassandra for your heroine? - submitted by Alycia Donaghey

It's a name I've always liked. It was more popular in fiction than I realized as well. I mainly chose it because of my fondness for mythology. Cassandra was a princess from Troy cursed by the God Apollo to have visions that no one would ever believe because she wouldn't go out with him.

Can you think of a spin-off from one of Cassandra Farbanks's books? - submitted by Jon Robert

I've often thought about digging into the past of some of the more interesting characters like Truth for instance and why she never seems to age. I still might after the main series is concluded.

If you could pick would you do an animated or live action series of your Cassandra books - submitted by Jon Robert

I think if that were going to happen I would like to go live action. I think it would suit it better. Its often fun for me to imagine who would play the characters.

Which one of your characters would you most like to meet if they were real, and why? - submitted by Max Bowes

That's a really tough one. I think I would pick Jareth. He's enigmatic and sexy and I think we would have really good...conversations.

If you could live in a fictional world created by someone else, which one would it be? - submitted by Max Bowes

If you'd asked me this a few months ago it would have been a toss up between the world of Harry Dresden or Sookie Stackhouse. Recently however I've been getting into the Discworld. I think I might enjoy living there as long as I got to be someone interesting.

Has there ever been a writing project idea that you considered too ambitious to try and if so what was it ? - submitted by G E Rutland

I did plot out the entire story for a trilogy of epic fantasy book ala Game of Thrones. However I struggle with medieval world for two reasons. The lack of things we have now to use as plot devices and an inability to work out how they should talk to one another. Needless to say its a project that got put aside.

What's your dearest wish for this birthday?  - submitted by Britney Townsend

For one of my books to become an audio book. I love audio books. I love to hear the characters come to life and that would be the best birthday present ever.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Best birthday ever. :)

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