Monday, 11 August 2014

Meet A Writer Presents...

...Rose Montague

1. Tell me about your book Jade and where you got your inspiration for it?

Jade is an urban/fantasy novel that released November 2013 and was published by Eternal Press. It is the first book in a trilogy called the Three J'amigos (Jade,Jane, and Jill). Jane is in the editing process now and should release this fall. My goal in writing Jade was to have fun writing a fun book to read. It has a little bit of everything and is a non-stop action packed thrill ride with a lot of humor and just a little romance. It is suitable reading for older teens and adults.

2. Do you admire your own work?

Reading Jade for about the tenth time during the final editing process I still got a bit choked up at certain points. There are many surprises in Jade and I love the points in the book when those are revealed.

3. What is the most demeaning thing said about you as a writer and how did you bounce back from it?

Shortly after the book released I had one reviewer say he was loving the book until about half way through and then discovered two of the main characters have a Lesbian relationship and just skimmed the rest, missing what I thought was my best writing. He said I should have put some kind of warning label on it. That really floored me.  Do gay people need to have warning labels in real life? I still have a hard time understanding this but my core group of friends have supported me. 

4. If you were the ruler of the world, what laws would you make?

LOL. This is one I have not been asked before. One thing you discover as a new author is that your work doesn't stop when your book is released. There is this marketing and promoting thing that never ends, even while you are working on the next book. I am proud of what I wrote and I do the best I can to let people know about it because I think Jade is a fun book and a great read.  So between keeping up with your new writing, promoting what is already out there, networking and connecting with other authors and readers there is just limited time to concentrate on other things. So if I was ruler of the world I would give myself a nice little cabin in the woods with internet access and all the writing tools I need, hire somebody to help me with the promotion of my books, and appoint somebody I think will do a good job as the new ruler of the world. I admire authors that do even more than me. It is just amazing how much energy they have.

5. Do you prefer blue or black inked pens?

Black. One thing about both Jade and Jane that may be seen as unusual is that I have never printed out a single page. All my work including outlining, drafts, research notes, and editing was done on the computer and everything was handled by email. I believe I signed my contract with a black ink pen.

6. Is there a message in your novels you want the readers to grasp?

Yes. There are several themes in Jade including the standard good versus evil one.  Friendship is the main theme I was striving for. There is an additional, more serious theme that I was going for that only a few readers have mentioned to me. I am hoping more readers catch on to it as the book becomes more popular. You will also see a lot of humor and even a good bit of mystery in Jade. That is all part of the fun.

7. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

My favorite authors are Darynda Jones, Faith Hunter, and Ilona Andrews.  My favorite book is Sunshine by Robin McKinley. The series that Jade most resembles would probably be the Undead (Betsy) series by Mary Janice Davidson. Just for the over-the-top crazy and fun.

8. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

I love watching Pinky and The Brain. That is some seriously funny stuff.

9. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it all imagination?

My main hobby the last ten years is working as an advocate for the wrongfully accused and convicted. In Jade you will see some things that I have learned that are unfortunately common in law enforcement and prosecutions. Our system of justice should first of all be about justice. Too often politics and power get in the way of fairness and truth.

10. What sort of Starbuck’s coffee would your characters order? Simple coffee, complicated soy-non-fat-extra-espresso-half-caff-nightmare?

I am so glad you asked this question, another new one for me. Jade's diet is very limited, dark coffee and espresso is one of the few things she can drink. She normally orders a six-shot espresso. I like the Mocha Breve with whipped cream but I just love coffee period.


Three against Three Hundred.

Jade is a little bit shifter, a little bit witch, a little bit Fae, a little bit vamp, and a whole lot of fun. Jade has arranged things so she is partnered with a shifter bear as police detectives on a big case involving vamps killing humans. There is some mystery to the book and many surprises. Jade's origins, where she came from and why she is here are revealed along the way. A lot of humor , action, and fun involving a visit to Faerie, assassination attempts, adventures in driving, a magical dagger, and a little romance happen along the way. By the end, much of the mystery and her beast is revealed, and her origins and background are explained. All of this with a good deal of humor and some real shockers along the way.


The Queen's Blade handed me the sword he was looking at, a question and a hint of a smile on his lips. "I bet you know this one," he said. "Otherwise you would not have joined in the bet.

"Maybe I just wanted a handsome escort," I replied and they could hear the truth in that as well. "But I don know the answer. It was forged over a thousand years ago by a student of the Alexus one of the great Fae metal-smiths, called Erngot.

"That is correct," said Diocletus. "How about the next one?"

I proceeded through the remaining blades, not even touching most of them, for an expert some of them were obvious. The better Fae metal-smiths all had some unique things about them and it was pretty easy to call. The next to last sword concerned me however. This one belonged to a younger Fae, from his looks Royal, but fairly new to the Court. I picked it up and handed it to the Queen's Blade, who had graciously allowed me to call the previous swords even though he had a stack of gold at stake. "The answer would appear to be obvious, but I am concerned that it may just be a fake, a copy of the original, designed to look like the real thing. I think it would probably be suitable only for practice, not for real fighting."

"You have a good eye," said the Queen's Blade. "But yes it appears to be a fake. I am afraid you have been cheated on this one he said handing it back to the younger Fae." And then to me, "Do you practice, Jade?" he asked. Perhaps he would allow you to keep it since I have a feeling he no longer wants it."

"I love sparring with swords," I replied.

From my side, The Queen said, "Then let's see what you can do with the Queen's Blade, in a friendly sparring match. First blood to determine the winner."


About Rose

Rose has worked in both a library as well as several bookstores.  She has always loved to read and dreamed of publishing her own book.  Jade is her first book.  Look for Jane Fall of 2014.  Rose lives in Elon, NC and loves coffee and cats.  She is currently writing book 3 (Jill) and the first book in a new teen series called Jewel (based on a character in Jane).



  1. I was floored when RoseM killed of her most lovable and handsome character! I've not yet gotten over it. Bill W.