Sunday, 3 August 2014

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I first came across Molly Harper when I stumbled across her Nice Girls series on itunes. Needless to say after listening to one I got the rest and waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the fourth one to come out and still even now am hoping the more will someday be written. The only thing that put me off listening to any more of her books was the fact that each and everyone, despite characters was read by the same Narrator. Having listened to four books in a row - this narrator to me was essential Jane. As most of the other books by her were set in or around Half Moon Hollow, I didn't think I could listen to them without thinking this is just Jane but with another name or she sounds so much like Jane but isn't, it just feels wrong.

Then Better Homes and Hauntings appeared in front of me. The premise looked good and for it wasn't set in the same area as the others so I thought give it a go. I loved it. I had the initial twinges when I heard the voice of the narrator but she managed to bring these characters to life without me thinking well thats just so and so with a new name and less of an accent.

I've always loved a good ghost story and this is a good ghost story, its got just the right amount of creepy mystery and is off set by the budding romance between two of the main character Nina Lindon and Decan Whitney. Its a wonderful spun story, and I've actually listened to it twice through contemplating giving it another go just because I loved it so much. Its funny and spooky in all the right places.

Better Homes and Haunting gets -

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