Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hide N Geek


My brother had a dream - to open his own shop. The trouble with most people is they sit around dreaming about what they want to do instead of really doing it but not him. On Friday the 17th of October, Hide N Geek opened its doors to the public.

Located at 10 Reindeer Court, in Worcester (England) his shop carries, toys, comics and games. There are a wide variety of comics & graphics novels on sale as well as role playing game manuals, the walking dead and games based on hit TV shows like Firefly.

 They have a impressive display of figures from the Marvel universe, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Anything you don't see when you go in that you're looking for, just ask and its probably something that can be ordered for you. He has hopes to expand the range he offers in the near future.

Newly married, he runs the shop with the occasional help from his wife Lucy (pictured here in the white polka dots). Someone should tell him though that the "Red Shirts" always die. Eeek. If you're local to Worcester or are in the area you should check it out. We have a massive Christmas Fair here every year and his shop is located near to where all the stalls are set up for that - so swing by.

You can check him out online too

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Or follow him on twitter - @thehidengeek

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