Sunday, 12 October 2014

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I saw the trailer for The Maze Runner last week when I was watching The Equalizer. It looked good. Sort of almost Hunger Games meets a Labyrinth. So of course I was interested in seeing it. First night it came out I was there, with my ticket and my date and in we went to see it. I was not disappointed. (Also got to see the new trailer for Mocking Jay part I which was awesome)

The movie surrounds a group of boys (sorry girls are representation in this movie is minimal till the very end) who have all been dropped off in the glade, a lush green center of a dangerous maze. Each person remembers nothing of their life outside the maze apart from their name and together they have formed a society to govern themselves. For three years they've been sending runners out into the maze trying to map it and find a way out.

That is until Thomas joins them (pictured above, center). He is more curious than the others. He wants to find a way out un-content to spend the rest of his life in the glade. He wants to be a runner so he can find a way out. But the maze is full of dangers, monstrous creatures called grievers roam its twists and turns, the maze changes itself at night and no-one has ever survived a night in the maze. But with Thomas's arrival things start to change and everyone has to decide whether or not to stay or to follow Thomas through the maze to freedom.

I enjoyed the interaction of the characters, I cried over the lost of some and a surprising twist at the end proves that this might be a series of movie that will keep us enthralled for the next couple of years. More if, as they've done with a lot of these trilogies is split the final movie into two. Which honestly annoys me, a trilogy in four parts.

Based on the books by James Dashner, I intend to add this series to my TBR - despite it already being massive.

Also the Maze Runner gets:

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