Sunday, 2 November 2014

Book Signing Halloween 2014

The book signing went ahead as planned on the 31st of October at Hide N Geek in Worcester. I find I wish that Halloween had fallen on a Saturday because there would have been greater foot traffic but a few loyal friends and fans came over for it.

I was set up centrally in the middle of the store with my books displayed on the shelf behind me. Seeing my books displayed like this just gave me such a warm feeling that I think I might still have been happy if no one had turned up at all. Its an embarrassment of riches really that people did come.

I signed seven books in all which is impressive for a first proper signing for a relatively unknown like myself and I managed to talk to each person for a good length of time. I do like talking to readers because we have so much in common - e.g a love of books.

13 signed copies - one of each titles are available in the store for anyone still looking for one and regular copies of my books are on the shelf for purchase at any time. I always say books make great Christmas presents.

I would like to thank my brother, my parents and my boyfriend who were there to support me. I hope to do another signing in the future but when I do not know.

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